Start Your Uprising


by using Employee First principles

Employees are the essential component of scaling a business.

There is a frequently overlooked communication nexus of what your company says, what it intends to do, and what it actually does that disengages employees and restricts growth. Compounding this problematic nexus is a prevailing office environment that stifles employee input, disregards their need to be heard, and ignores the human desire to see and show empathy!

Study after study shows that engaged employees are happier and more productive.

Empower, motivate, support. Your employees are the mechanism that executes strategy. 

Scale your growth by empowering employees.

To scale your business and engage your employees, your communication needs to master the environment of today with impactful efforts. Start by asking, how compelling is/was your...

  • Employee engagement strategy?

  • Remote office culture?

  • Hiring process success?

  • Community engagement?

  • Diversity and inclusion actions?

  • Communication tools?

  • Internal Training?

  • Public speaking skills?

  • Conflict management efforts?

  • Internal documentation impact?

  • Last employee survey?

The employee environment is changing dramatically.

Talk to someone who can help you navigate with strategy and tactics.


Internal communications can be challenging as the breakdowns and opportunities aren't as readily visible as a shipping or production bottleneck.


Employee First is a mantra that is always of interest to me and my clients and can only be achieved by well-thought-out internal communications that are capable, adaptable, and scalable. Since 2000, I’ve been a champion for organizational communication, motivating employees, scaling business, and impactful efforts.

My efforts span companies with a few dozen employees to organizations with tens of thousands and include industries such as gaming, higher education, marketing agencies, agriculture, and more. 


Marketing campaigns, budgets, technologies, and most other organizational expenditures are determined by data. Why is it that data that supports employee engagement and success is often not calculated into scaling growth

Data Supports Your Need for Employee Engagement Efforts


of employees trust their companies.

(Harvard Business Review)


of Americans get a sense of identity from their job.

(Pew Research Center)


of employees expect at least three major job perks

(Good Firms)


of employees state empathy increases retention.



valued employees are 4X more productive.



job-seekers consider workplace values.

(Good Firms)


of Americans feel their jobs are secure.

(Pew Research Center)


of all American workers are disengaged at work,

(Recruit Loop)


of employees quit their boss, not their job.



of engaged employees receive weekly feedback.